Masa's Ordinary Adventures #1 (The Journey Begin)

Updated: Feb 3

Wow! It's 2/2/2022 and this is my first blog!

That's exciting little big steps!

I feel like something exciting has been happening since the 2020. Especially, I made 3 big changes recently.

  1. - Stopped drinking alcohol for good

  2. - Started Intermittent Fasting

  3. - Made myself getting in habit to play Video Game (I haven't play video game for over 10 years.)

It's been only little over a month since I've started doing those and really looking forward to seeing/feeling the results!

Lots of something new including this blog ! Also, I've been working on little silly videos "Washi and High(working title)" as well as interviews series "Little Big Influencer(working title)"

I've been feeling strongly that new chapter of my life has been begun.

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