Masa's Ordinary Adventures #3 (Two Miracles)

Updated: Feb 5

" Hey Masa, We are done. It's impossible to keep it going. This lock down means the restaurant is done. I need to start preparing to close the business so please let all the employees know that." This was the very first thing that I was told when the owner of the business called me right after "Shelter in place order" was announced on 3/16/2020. I was the General Manager back then. I told him "No, I'm not gonna tell anyone that we are done. You can prepare to close up but let me try to do something until it's really finished."

The business is still open and get back to where it was before the pandemic.

" Hey Masa, It's never going to happen. It's impossible." I was told that by my wife 22 years ago when I express my feeling toward her.

Two impossibles became possible. Two miracles. But both miracles didn't just happened by only my effort.

If the sous chef and the line-cook didn't believed and stayed with me.

If our mutual friend didn't suggested to my wife to just give it try.

When I think back about my life, I've been surrounded by great supports and protections by many people. Now, it's time for me to return them back...

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