Masa's Ordinary Adventures #4 (Remote)

One of things that I love which has became remote is "Auditions."

I use to going to auditions, Now, I'm doing auditions. Audition use to be one big event of the day, like cooking for a "Dinner party" but now It's like "Making a breakfast." It became much easier to accommodate into daily plan. No traveling, no hustle, no tight scheduling in between. It might be annoying to set up the equipments or edit for some actors but I'm filmmaker, I love going behind the scene! "Directed and acted by Masa, hooray!!"

Lots of things became easier and practical by being "Remote." But there are few things that I still miss. That is "the smell" The smell of the person, the smell of the place, the smell of the room, the smell of the stuff, the smell of the air.

"The smell"

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